Recipes for a casual holiday party

For the second year, David and I are hosting a Christmas Party. We’re so lucky to have friends who come from near and far to celebrate the holiday season with us — we’re currently at 30 RSVPs, and I’m sure that there will be a few additional guests for forgot to email, call, or text me prior to the party.

It’s an interesting week coming up — tomorrow is my last day at What’s Up? Media, I’m taking one day off — but I have SO much planned for that day — and then I start a new job at the School Nutrition Association on Thursday. Today after work, I have a happy hour planned with a fantastic group of coworkers/friends here at the magazine that I’m really and truly going to miss working with. This particular job has had its ups and downs, but one big benefit was working with an amazing group of 20-something gals who were all at the same stage of life as me. Tomorrow,  I have my last class at AACC (Fitness for Sports and Nutrition) for the semester, and on Wednesday, I have a board meeting at the children’s theatre. Luckily, Thursday night is free, but then on Friday, we’re attending another holiday party.


I take no credit for this photo nor this idea, that belongs to this blog. However, I AM going to implement it. I already have the mini candy canes!

Needless to say, I’m kind of wondering when I’m going to prep for my own party! Luckily, I do have that one day off. I also started prepping yesterday, putting some things in the freezer to keep until the weekend. It’s taken a lot of lists and planning, but here’s the tentative meal plan for the party (I’m sure I’ll add one more dish before the weekend; it’s just who I am). 

Beer, wine, cranberry mojitos, plus vodka, gin, and bourbon for guests to make their own mixed drinks


Because we’ll be partying through the dinner hours, I’ll also eventually bring out a couple more substantial items:

Peppermint Brownie Bites (made and frozen yesterday!)
Assorted Christmas Cookies

I am also seriously considering making these wine-soaked frozen grapes. But I suppose that would be more appropriate for a summertime party, wouldn’t it?

2 Comments to “Recipes for a casual holiday party”

  1. That all sounds amazing!!! Well, aside from the hints of seafood :)

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